Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we focus on the needs of our clients. We customise our services to meet the budget and design requirements of every project. Some of the steps we take to ensure our clients get the most return from their investments include:

  • Busque Engineering Limited first understands our client’s objectives: We present our client with a summary of our vision of the finished product to ensure that our vision coresponds to our client’s vision. We therefore begin with the end in mind.
  • Implement smart design: Busque Engineering Limited has saved our clients time and money by not blindly applying conventional design solutions to every circumstances. We carefully analyze whether portions of existing assemblies can be re-used or modified without impacting durability or performance. For example, on two recent projects, we were able to save our client thousands of dollars by reusing roof insulation that would normally be discarded due to the lack of a vapour barrier in the roof assembly. We search for value of this nature in all aspects of the design.
  • Field Reviews: We use laptops and voice captioned cameras to document the site and generate written field review reports within 24 hours of our attendance on site. These reports are sent to our clients and to the contractor.
  • Thorough construction documents: The team at Busque Engineering Limited has a great deal of experience writing detailed construction documents. Our designs, specifications and field services are formulated using techniques to minimize problems such as dust, noise, smells, and other less than desirable elements that are often associated with building envelope projects. Our goal is to partner with our clients and with the contractor to ensure that disruptions to tenants are limited during construction.
  • Clear Communications: Clear communications are vital to ensuring excellent relations between the project team members. Our team members have decades of experience interacting and working with stratas and contractors and always strive to maintain good relationships with all stakeholders.