Busque Engineering Limited was incorporated on September 14th 2008, by Pierre Michel Busque, P.Eng. The vision for Busque Engineering was forged through discussions with colleagues and peers while working as senior building science project engineer. The vision is that of a small group of specialists working together to deliver high end projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Busque Engineering currently has three partners and a total of six employees. Busque Engineering has a subsidiary in Calgary that employs two engineers.

Busque Engineering provides a full range of services on existing buildings as well as new construction and is well versed working with the entire envelope or individual components such as roofs, walls or windows depending upon the needs of our clients. We work on all types of buildings from single family homes, multifamily residential, to large institutions and industrial applications. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Building envelope & roof investigations/assessments
  • Cladding/façade design & shop drawings
  • Roofing systems design & shop drawings
  • Project & construction management
  • Expert glazing, window wall & curtain wall consulting
  • Wall & window water performance testing
  • Energy modeling & whole building air barrier testing
  • Architectural design review
  • Expert litigation support & failure analysis